Helping Your Child Handle Big Feelings
Increase their emotional resilience by embracing 4 key mindsets
Know How to Help Them
(And not get triggered by their meltdowns!)

Join me as I share...

The four mindset shifts that get you from "I can't handle this!" to "I've got this".
How to stay calm when your child is not.
What is happening in your child's body and brain when they lose it.
How to figure out what is causing their big feelings.
The best tool for helping your child when they are overwhelmed and melting down.
How children learn to manage their own emotions.
What to do when nothing seems to be working.
My printable refrigerator sheet to help you in the heat of the moment.
Keira Merkovsky, LCSW
We all have the best of intentions when it comes to helping our children get through life's daily challenges. We offer comfort, support, advice. But sometimes their feelings seem over-the-top and nothing we say or do helps the situation. Before we know it, we are overwhelmed by our own feelings and find ourselves shouting words we wish we could take back. 
Then the guilt sets in. Sigh
It hurts to see our children hurting, especially when we don't know how to help them.
The good news is that there is hope!
You can support your children as they work through their big feelings, without getting overwhelmed by them yourself.
In this 1 hour Workshop I am going to reveal some simple steps you can start doing TODAY to help everyone in your home handle big feelings without yelling.
See you in there!